Gerasene ’17: The Kollektiv at Notre Dame

4a52b04c-9854-4f8d-857b-c68d95a89614-002[Image: the Mississippi gravesite of Senator LeRoy Percy, Walker Percy’s uncle.]

CONFIRMED: Two [hopefully three] members of the Korrektiv as panelists at this summer’s Trying to Say “God”: Re-enchanting Catholic Literature, June 22-24 at the University of Notre Dame. Rally, Korrektiv, rally!


  1. Broderick Barker says

    Advance apology to my fellow members of the Kollektiv for not letting everyone know about this thing sooner. I got wind of this conference via JOB, who got wind of it via the Bishop of Brownsville, on February 1, which just happened to be the last possible day to propose panels – a deadline I discovered roughly 30 minutes before midnight EST. In my frenzied attempt to put something together, I neglected to notify y’all.

  2. Darwins are actually seriously considering going to this (as in, we’re pretty sure we’re going but we haven’t registered yet). Barring the early advent of Baby, we look forward to seeing anyone who shows.

  3. Looks fantastic. Joshua Hren will also be there … if he’s told me what he’ll be presenting on, I’ve forgotten. But will find out.

    He’s all over The Pale King, so expect incisive interrogation from the audience.

    I’ll get there if I can. And finish The Pale King.

    • Broderick Barker says

      Oh ye gods. Surely Hren knows better than to go after a muddlehead like me. The Pale King here is less the unfinished work and more the symbol of death that D.T. Max wrote that it became. But I’ll do my best, and hope that Hren figures out right quick that nobody likes to watch a tiger torture a mouse.

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