It’s on…or at least, it was on.

A few days ago, I mentioned to JOB that he must be tickled pink to see his former bishop (and the man who gave the green light to Johnsonville’s private chapel) acting a little like the Mariner in “How the Whale Got His Throat,” that is, taking the offensive from a seemingly defeated position. Now the New York Times does a fair job of summarizing the back and forth, complete with The Holy Father’s closing haymaker. In other news that will surely tickle Rufus and Quin in similar fashion, Francis is ordering up a revisit of the Liturgiam Authenticam.


  1. LI: “My complications have complications!”

    Rumor has it that the Gloria will now be sung to the following tune:'t_Cry_for_Me_Argentina

    I think the Cardinal is doing well enough as anyone who has to go up against a shroud-whitened and sepulchral bully pulpit….

    Two days ago was St. Francis de Sales’ feast day (Happy feast day to all you my fellow Catholic communicators, by the way y’all) who said that those who do no suffer in this world can expect to suffer forever in the next.

    “Judica me, Domine…!”


  2. It’s a regular melting pot of American Bad Catholics here!

    • Broderick Barker says

      Nah, not enough ingredients in the pot any more. But wow, the NY’er piece on this was hilarious. Actually calls Francis the anti-Trump after praising his authoritarian smackdown on his opponent with the line, “Who’s sovereign now?”

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