Shucks! – I guess the 2017 litterachur Nobel is going to go to Bono


But I’m energized – Big League – at least it’s going to someone who actually understands the difference between sovereignty and totalitarianism…

Well, shit, if you think I’m wrong about it – the laddy said it right here. I quote unquote quote:

“Edited clips of Trump replied: “I will build a great, great wall on our southern border and I will have Mexico pay for that well.”
“A wall? Like the Berlin Wall? Like the Great Wall of China?” Bono, a donor to the Clinton Global Initiative, shot back to the video screen.”

Well, let me uncling mesself from thissere gun, religion and God type-a-thing before I continue. [Sipping at a cold one now, hold on…]

Well, shit, what I mean to say is, hell and hard nuts, America is so tired of thissere electionation process… Oh, hell, let’s just all go home and hope that we have jobs come Monday… I’ll buy the keg (Quinn, can I borrow 40 bucks? The Hamms is on sale…)

Well, as I look out at this wonderful U Ass of A we gots usself here, I can’t help but thinks about that what which Bono’s countryman and fellow string-strummer once said, “That’tare ain’t no country for old menfolk…”

Well, Cormac, I guess you can be fixin your Nobel year to be—

Hell now, look at that, Mr. Tweedy, you made me spill my Blatz.

No, excuse me – EXCUSE ME, Mr. Tweedy, but we happen to got womenfolk in the audience just now, so you just you shut your jaw the fuck up, now you hear. I realize you got a grimace like a hound dog trying to pass a peach pit. But just heel now, y’hear? You’ll have your chance at the carcass after Cormac gets a gnaw!

Well, I guess that’s about alls I got to say – ummagonna end the conversation righ-chere.

Love and peace and I’m all with Her and all.



  1. Big Jon Bully says

    Good blogging!

  2. Big Jon Bully says

    As Trump would say, what a disaster. What good are the Republicans if they can’t stop such a candidate at the convention. Political parties are private organizations. Some pundits have said this election is a binary choice, and there were times when I was thinking that maybe, possibly, I could vote for the vice president considering how wicked Mrs. Clinton is, but this is not any kind of choice. Even Captain Kirk would find it hard to win this no-win scenario. First year I’ve ever thrown my vote away on a third party kook. First time for everything, I guess.

    Give the Democrats all the power, let them run wild since they are such fucking geniuses. Show us how it’s done.

    • Glee, I thought that was exactly what they’ve been doing for about 30 years or so now, Republicrat’s and Demublicans alike…


      • Big Jon Bully says

        The $10,000 Inverted Pyramid hosted by Dick Clark.

        • Big Jon,

          Have you read this? I suspect YOU are Publics Decius Mus – but you’re just hiding out until the whole thing cools off….


          • Big Jon Bully says

            Great article. Yeah, if the left can paint Mitt Romney as the second coming of Jay Gould, then it doesn’t matter who the Republicans nominate. It’s a totally rigged game. However, the problem isn’t the left, the problem is the American people. New York City is aborting more black babies than are being born. The Democratic Party is literally killing off the black race and yet in some kind of sick manifestation of the Stockholm Syndrome they continue to line up and vote for their new plantation masters. And the biggest problem are Christians who want both kingdoms and the prevailing morally unserious Facebook group thinking mentality. I make no argument against the author except to say that God is in charge, and maybe what looks like a curse now may turn to a blessing. But, viscerally it seems like we are entering a dark time of Elizabethan style persecution with supremacy oaths and The Church driven underground. Hopefully, they’ll run out of money.

            Washington Generals…heh. Congress couldn’t even protect freedom of religion. What good are they.

            Don’t give up your guns for any reason, even though we don’t stand a chance against the Rangerettes. Thanks, JOB.

            • Big Jon,

              Well, there’s always the Benedictine Option – or is there?

              This too is of interest:



              • Big Jon Bully says

                Another great article.

                So depressing. The apple has fallen very far from the tree indeed. My parents generation survived the great depression, then overcame both Hitler and Soviet communism. What low-grade nothings we’ve become. What terrible bores we all are these days. What crappy movies we make, what shitty novels we write. Add pseudo-intellectual self-importance, shake, then serve. I actually would take Trump Tower and all it’s vulgarity over NPR.

                “Play Salieri.”

  3. Ahem.
    The American Solidarity Party.
    If this theologian/spiritual director/administrator from hell thing ever falls through or wears thin, I plan to run for Governor of Minnesota with those folks. I promise to make you all members of the Cabinet or Poets Laureate or something. A theology text in every pot. Plus, a good after-election party. God bless America. Good night.

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