…and BOB goes Nobel!


Sorry, Cormac, maybe next year.


  1. No.

    Just, no.

    I realize I am on enemy ground in saying this.

    The only interesting thing in this for me is recognizing songwriting as a form of literature. That IS interesting. And I like Dylan. But no.

    My father passed away this summer. but this, combined with the election, would have done him in for sure.

  2. I apologize to Jonathan in advance. I hope his Dylan gets a special day out of it. But Nobel…no.

    Midterms. Possible career change. Writing on PAS. = CRANKY

    • Way to bury the lede, IC aka SWD! “Possible career change”?!?

      • Applying for a different academic job (still teaching Catholic theology, more research at an inst with a PhD program, big move) and also applying for a grant to collaborate on creating a spiritual direction apostolate for those in critical illness or dying. Maybe one, maybe the other. So, yes. But I may well stay here and if God wills it, etc….

  3. Apparently Minnesota Public Radio is calling him a Sophocles.


  4. You all need to talk me down.

    • It’s just weird, is what it is. It feels like a desperate bid for relevance: “Hey, nobody believes that literature is shaping the world or the culture or the conversation at the collective water cooler or any such thing any more, so let’s find a place where words still seem to matter — songs — and give the award there.” Fine and good; gotta keep the brand fresh. SIGH. Except…Dylan? Dylan is many things, but fresh he isn’t. Pace, Rufus, but the man’s day has come and gone. It’s a little like giving the 2016 Science Nobel to the guy who invented penicillin. Was it huge? Sure. Are its effects still being felt today? Sure. But…

      • To be fair, the Nobel is given for a body of work, not what they’ve done lately. I think Steinbeck, at least, had his best stuff behind him – and it could be argued that the same is true even of Faulkner.

        As to the point of music vs verse – I think I will defend Dylan a little here – his “Chronicles” can be read as a stand-alone – and Mr. Tambourine Man DID make it into Norton’s Anthology at one point (not sure it’s still there, but still…)

        But still still – Cormac in 17! He’s going to win Big League!

        Hee hee


  5. You’ve got a lot of nerve, IC, to say you are my friend…

    Hee hee.

    Cormac in 17, baby!


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