Can you spot the Catholic sensibility in James Joyce?

Sure you can. You just need to cover one eye and squint really hard with the other! OR, you can head on over to Wiseblood Books (Korrektiv’s sober, productive, vastly more successful younger brother) and order up a copy of James Joyce’s Catholic Categories by Fr. Colum Power.


Just $25! And if the literary heavyweights on the team (looking at you, JOB and Jobe) can manage to step away from the comic book rack at the local Kwik Stop for a few minutes, we might even post a review. In the meantime, after the jump, we have a KORREKTIV EXKLUSIVE sneak peek at…the table of contents!


Introduction by Declan Kiberd                                    9


Introduction                                                             15

1:         Content and Method

2:         Contours of the Debate

I: James Joyce: Relativist or Realist?                              39

           I.1:       Introduction

I.2:       The Aesthetics Debate

I.3:       Joyce on Scholasticism and the


I.4:       Ratzinger on Theology and Aesthetics

I.5:       The Case for Joyce as Relativist

I.6:       The Case for Joyce as Realist

I.7:       Conclusion of Chapter I

 II: Agape without Eros                                                        105

II.1:     Introduction

II.2:     “Eveline” and Irish Catholicism

II.3:     The Irish Context

II.4:     The Eros Controversy

II.5:     A Theological Hiatus

II.6:     Conclusion of Chapter II

III: Joycean Individuation                                       153

III.1:    Introduction

III.2:    Dubliners

III.3:    A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

III.4:    Ulysses

III.5:    Conclusion of Chapter III

 IV: Judeo-Christian Individuation                           241                                  

IV.1:    Introduction

IV.2:    Joyce’s Interest in Moses

IV.3:    Joyce’s Interest in Saint Augustine

IV.4:    Joyce’s Interest in Aquinas

IV.5:    Joyce’s Interest in Saint Ignatius

IV.6:    Tradition as Continuity and Creativity

IV.7:    Conclusion of Chapter IV

 V: Eucharistic Mutations and Permutations               279

V.1:      Introduction

V.2:      Key Moments in the Joycean Trajectory

V.3:      The Eucharist in Portrait and Ulysses

V.4:      Body and Blood in Ulysses

V.5:      Joyce’s Theological Intentions

V.6:      The Eucharist as Culmination of Eros                             and Agape

V.7:      Conclusion of Chapter V

Final Summary and Conclusion                               3

1:         Apostasy and Afterwards

2:         Vestigial Belief according to Aquinas

3:         Joyce and the Faith-Culture Dialogue

 Bibliography                                                     363                                          Acknowledgments                                           381

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