Another Poem about a Painter










Young Bacchus, Bitten By A Lizard
It wasn’t just bad PR plus zero
support from Cesari—Amerighi lacked
self-control and a sense of tact
from the start. But, oh, the chiaroscuro!


  1. Quin Finnegan looks like my dentist.

  2. The stress I have experienced since 2012, but especially in the last year with a new dentist, has been extraordinary. I think someone bet on a suicide or at least that I would be prevented from seeking employment so that I might be thought to be a decade older than I am.

  3. It also occurred to me today that someone had bet that I’d end up begging, although I’d be less likely to do that with my teeth the way they are.

  4. However, |I can’t bear tasteful hints about what might be in store for me and you are the ones who seem to have put your poems on my blog spot.

  5. Big Jon Bully says

    Sorry to hear about your dental problems.

    Good poem, Quin!

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