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Another cold spring again this year…



  1. Rufus McCain says


  2. Well done!

  3. WoooHooo!

    ^^^ “strong auditory jubilation”

  4. The software I have puts the addresses double spaced or one and a half spaced and I only one time bothered to change it – you can’t just go to single space and I can’t remember how I changed it in the end. But I wonder if someone else uses that type of address writing and it’s thought they write letters for me. In any case, no letters are coming through. Or when I phone for things. For example, my internet banking password was changed and on 7th March I requested a new one and they said I would get one letter. It hadn’t arrived by yesterday and so I phoned again and they said now it would take two letters on different days. Meanwhile someone can claim to be managing my affairs. Similarly, I phoned, and subsequently wrote, asking for forms to get new degree certificates because I think I lost my first ones and may even have thrown out the first replacements when I moved. I was initially told I couldn’t have a second replacement – [car goes by] unlike for share certificates, which you can buy as many as you like for 250 pounds each. However, they then said they’d send me the forms to apply for them but those haven’t arrived either. That was on about the 7th too. And I ordered a book on the EU by amazon but that hasn’t come either, although I need to check my email for that. They want me apparently in a vegetative state and raising my spirits with cars and drones.

  5. But why can no-one say what’s happening? The nearest was in September 2011 when my former partner, after spending an evening with my sisters and brother in law, said my sisters were my assassins. I asked him subsequently what he meant and all he would say was, ‘They’re talking over you’.

  6. Since then, there’s been at least one family get together I can remember where I’m sitting by the fire, at my sisters, with a cup of tea and there is spontaneous conversation about one thing or another and once you know what’s happening it’s hilarious but other aspects of what’s going on are not.

  7. I should also say I have no diagnosed disease. Since when I asked the doctor when I went with gynaecological symptoms (for which I was later treated), will I survive if it’s cancer, and she said, it depends how far advanced it is, I don’t think they keep things from me. It was treatable and stage 1A grade 1. I do not say disease is science fiction because I am in denial. I have apparently put on almost three stone since although I wonder if that is to justify heavier gassing, although I am thicker around the stomach and lower back.

  8. Although tragically and mysteriously I appear to be getting a cold now.

  9. Although tragically and mysteriously I appear to be getting a cold now.

    The first time one of my sisters saw me after my operation, and I’m sorry if this is an unpleasant subject for some, she asked me if I would get all moody and put on weight and I said that since my periods had stopped over three years ago, I didn’t think so.

  10. And, finally, I am now under surveillance in a city that has been abandoned by the people who nevertheless know what is going on here. It seems lawless and deranged.

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