I very much liked this profile of Tom Wolfe by Michael Lewis. So many great lines. Remember reading?

I smiled quietly to myself when I read this bit about an abortion-themed play. Alphonse is kid’s stuff.

Work on Bat Out of Hell proceeds bit by tiny bit. I managed to get all my voice actors into the studio to record; now we’re picking takes and stitching things together. All that remains is sound effects, music, backgrounds, character image selection, and oh yes, animation. Sigh.

Here’s to better blogging (and a proper Summit) in 2016.


  1. Big Jon Bully says

    Great article, harkens back to the old writing days of magazines and newspapers. I didnt’ know half that stuff about Wolfe. Didn’t know he had a PHD. Thanks, Broderick. Link us to your Force Awakens review.

  2. I submit that we ought to be Summitting in late May, in Dallas, in conjunction with this:

  3. Finally getting around to this… not finished, but engaged, a sip at a time.

    I will tell you someday about the dream I had of being in Tom Wolfe’s apartment – and i never saw his apartment before, but that shot of him by the typewriter (why can’t those pictures just go on and on and on and…?) took my breath away: it was EXACTLY like in my dream.

    Sorry to go on like that. Back to reading –

  4. hear hear!

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