Six Months

That’s all I’d need to write Lancelot vs. The Pale King: Walker Percy, David Foster Wallace, and the Fight of Your Life. (Okay, that’s a first stab at the title.) But I just finished D.T. Max’s bio of Wallace and the audiobook of The Pale King, and oh my goodness. Why don’t hack film critics get sabbaticals the way academic librarians do?


  1. Gerard Manley Pointer says

    The Career You Save May Be Your Own

  2. Quin Finnegan says

    Wait til he gets his PhD. Sky’s the limit at that point.

  3. I’m imagining Lancelot vs The Pale King in Yellow… (working in some True Detective lore there)

    • Broderick Barker says

      I like where your head’s at. Thinking now it has to be Percival vs. The Pale King, since Percival = Percy and he’s also the knight who saw the Holy Grail (in this case, salvific faith).

      • Unrelated: In last night’s True Detective S02 ep, lovable down-on-his-luck-wannabe-legit-family-man gangster Vince Vaughn stated “its not natural” whilst in an IVF clinic wank room with his wife.
        While I’m reserving judgement on the season till it’s over, I’m definitely enjoying it. (the press has been mostly “its not as good as S01, wah wah”)

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