From the YouTube Music Video Archives: Piano Sonata in B minor, op. 5 by Richard Strauss, as performed by Glenn Gould

The most abstract idea conceivable is the sensuous in its elemental originality. But through which medium can it be presented? Only through music. Kierkegaard, Either/Or

“I love Richard Strauss. Rosenkavalier and Arabella most of all. Not Wagner. When I was at school in New York, my uncle took me to see Tristan, with Flagstadt. I was bored. But I’ll never forget Lotte Lehmen in the Marshallin. She was making her farewell to singing and to the stage, just as the Marshallin to loving, youth and Octavian. It was incredibly moving—I’ll never forget it … I always dreamt of being a tenor, a Helden-tenor you know, with my voice making the ceiling shake …” Conversations with Walker Percy, p. 247

00:00 Allegro molto appassionato, 09:53 Adagio cantabile, 16:35 Scherzo e trio

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