The Last Gentleman Conference postponed.



  1. Broderick Barker says

    It was a good run.
    How’s Guemes in the fall, Quin?

  2. No. You must come to Indiana.

    • I second that motion!


      • Broderick Barker says

        My summer is stupidly crowded with kidtivities; it’s almost certain that I could not bring the family. But I might be able to bring my sorry self. Tentative dates? (That is, if everyone is serious here.)

        • I think the fall would be best. And I think we all need to watch Breaking Away to acclimatize to all things Hoosier…

          • Broderick Barker says

            And not Hoosiers? You’ll never get Rufus out in the fall unless maybe it’s Labor Day weekend. The man is an academic. Works in the prison library. So: Labor Day? The Wife asked me last night how long it would take to drive everyone.

            • I liked Hoosiers – a lot – but it seemed more about basketball than Indiana – which, yes, I know, for many, comes to the same thing.

              Breaking Away was a refreshing other look at the Indiana without the nets, squeaking sneakers and polished wooden floors…

              And I can’t resist Paul Dooley. In anything – well, except maybe that Godawful Popeye thing that approximated a movie…


              • The great thing about Indiana is that it’s in the Middle of Everything…and nothing. West Coasters will need to fly for sure, and then it’s an hour to the venue–whether you fly to Cincinnati or Indianapolis. I think we were around eight hours from the Wisconsinites. Twelves hours from the Texans. Three hours from Ohioans.

                Four bedrooms, two pull out couches, lots of tents, kids welcome, or welcome to be left at home, however you prefer.

                Let me find a good date, with specific attention to Labor day.

  3. Quin Finnegan says

    I second that Argh!

    Strange that they didn’t wait until the deadline for submissions. Perhaps that means it wasn’t for lack of participation? I wish that they’d given a reason.

    I think we should meet somewhere, if only to bring our own abstracts, notes, and whatever we have towards a paper. Doesn’t have to be viable. No pressure. Guemes might well work, although it’s booked through August, I think. Would September or October be difficult because of school?

    I think Duffer’s Indiana idea is great, as is JOB’s campground/compound … either way we could concentrate on something other than Percy (and not just to please Duffer!) … God knows that in these dread latter days of the old violent beloved U.S.A. and of the Christ-forgetting Christ-haunted Western world there’s plenty else to celebrate.

  4. Big Jon Bully says

    You guys have better parties anyway.

  5. Like a bad penny….

    I show my interest when parties are involved.

    NO has beignets, jazz, and Percy, but the Midwest has

  6. Not to derail plans for meeting this year, but 2016… if you think the Percy conference is dead and gone in NO, I DO work at a small Catholic liberal arts university with conference space. Rooms could be had. Lit profs could be consulted. Alas, beignets could not be had, but a swing by JOB’s compound after the wonkiness would be easy to do. Plus: 1.5 hrs from Kierkegaard’s library at St Olaf.

    • I think enough of you know my work email to follow through if you wish.

      OH. And…the Great River Shakespeare Festival most of the summer (and they are fabulous).

      • I feel like Will Barrett – evertyhing is possible, nothing is possible! So may possiblities and I can’t forget any of them!

        Ah, dispair! Where is they sting? Right here in my existential gluteus maximus!

        Thanks, IC – what a great idea!


        • I am quite serious! But it would have to be a summer (or post-second week of May) thing. Our conference space is strictly summer. Also, alas, you all are not going to get any conference financial breaks without a grant, but Winona is a pretty cheap place to be overall. Drive or fly into Lacrosse or Minneapolis/St Paul, 2 hr shuttle.

          • In fact, you all need to weigh this and get back to me, because I am getting more and more excited. My school needs to be doing more things like this anyway, and I think a couple of our lit profs (incl their current chair) would be quite supportive of some kind of American Catholic lit conference…Percy or otherwise. We have a phil prof (MDiv Yale, expert on Kierkegaard and things existential) who would be all over this, and he is chair of Phil next year. I’m chair of Theology next year and need something to look forward to.

            If there could be a regional writer connection, even better. (MN Catholic writers…Hassler? Powers? Um, isn’t Louise Erdrich Catholic?) But this could work…!

            plus, BLOEDOWS.

            OK, now I must go back to my article.

  7. This is me, showing up late to this as to every party, saying that if you guys come to Indiana, The Darwins will be there with bells on (whatever that means), with special attention to Labor Day because The Man gives it to us even though we’ve never been affiliated with a union in our lives.

    We expect to see Broderick Barkers and JOBs and EVERYBODY.

    Also, we are in for a lit conference at IC’s college in 2016.

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