Franz Wright: RIP


A loss to the world – and the world of Catholic letters…

Parting Word

As for me
I have no mind
to lose anymore, I am through
with all that–
the sky is my mind
today. (And

it always is
and always was
today.) Blue,
                 her color
sorrowing over us…

Does it flow out of or into us, seeing?

Unseen rays of perception the face beams
at things, or
face on which things shine!

I am so glad
that I no longer know,
no longer

And one more thing:

the future?

been there.

             -Franz Wright


  1. Quin Finnegan says

    Great poem and a great poet. I read him cover to cover just a few years ago, and would have enjoyed reading his stuff into that nonexistent future. I don’t know of any poet who fought harder for that peace.

    Thanks JOB.

  2. Broderick Barker says

    How did you ever resist posting the caption that accompanies that photo?

    “Mr. Wright with his father, James Wright, also a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, in 1962 on the poet Robert Bly’s farm in Madison, Minn.”

    Poet Dad takes Poet Son to visit Poet Friend on Midwestern Farm. Perhaps you swooned?

    A genuine ex-suicide. How is it we don’t talk more about him?

    • I figured people would figure it out anyway.

      Meanwhile, I’m still trying to find St. Paul, Wisconsin, so you can move there and I can take Barbara there and we can pose with our deer rifles…

      “Ms. O’Brien with her father, Mr. O’Brien, also a National Book Award-winning poet, in 2015, on the novelist Matthew Lickona’s farm in St. Paul, Wis.”


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