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Martyrdom: The Coloring Book - Fryd and GfrörerMartyrdom: The Coloring Book

  • Illustrated by the supremely grim, superlatively talented Julia Gfrörer *
  • Due September 2015 from Zest Books
  • Blurb:

    The lives of the saints are filled with inspiring, life-changing moments—but the deaths of the martyrs are where you’ll find the real “Oh, hell no!” moments of history. This adult (very adult, as the body count will quickly indicate) coloring book gives aspiring crayon and paper artists the chance to hone their craft while also buffing up their knowledge of Catholic history and tales. The attending stories will go down pretty easy at cocktail hours as well. [Continued…]


  1. Quin Finnegan says

    I’m just wondering whether that dog or wolf or whatever it is can go to heaven. Is it mourning the loss of his best friend, or did he just bite some martyr’s head off?

  2. Finally!

  3. Louise Orrock says

    It’s a very good drawing although it’s a shame not to have drawn the face and the fur on the front tends on foxes to go straight down rather than almost vertically as in your drawing. In fact, the foxes in my garden have come very close to my flat the last two or three days to demonstrate, or anticipate, this point. I would think the proportion might be a bit wrong too.

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