Three Short Poems

Light Shineth in Darkness
Whenever we played Scrabble,
we used an old Crown Royal
bag of purple felt to grabble
in dark chaos for each new tile.

Speculating About My Nieces’ Future Hobbies
Some day, will Bryn
play Poker, or Gin
Rummy? Will Natalie
take up philately?

S-A-M-M-A-M-I-S-H, Let’s Go!
My high school, Sammamish,
had a strange mascot, the totem,
as in pole, but seeing as a mascot
is itself a kind of totem, or type,
one and many, both specimen
and species, I learned early not
to take competition and hype
too seriously, though now I wish
I had, a little more anyway, when
blood was young, but pro tem.


  1. Broderick Barker says

    “Grabble” is the word of the day, likely the week, possibly the month.

  2. Rufus McCain says

    These are quite fine. The light shineth in the blogosphere.

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