Music for 2015, Part 1

So I got into the car this morning and made a pleasant discovery: my CD player contained Over the Rhine’s Blood Oranges in the Snow. A late, Christmasy, Christmas present, courtesy of Love Good Music, the CD-of-the-month club that The Wife signed up for in support of the splendiferous Alanna-Marie Boudreau. (Incidentally, Ms. Boudreau recently did her own Christmasy recording, a very fine version of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” which is easily the best thing on this compilation. And while we’re on the subject of Love Good Music and Christmas, Rebecca Roubion’s Christmas Lights grew on me something fierce, especially this piece of pop confectionary. I dunno; maybe it’s because my daughter sings along.) The OTR album was unsurprisingly solid, coming at Christmas in a mostly glancing, backgroundy way. A guy looking at a Christmas tree and recalling lost innocence (of both the childhood and spiritual variety). A guy visiting his father’s grave on Christmas Eve. A couple driving to visit family. And the flat-out classic ditty above. Hooray for Over the Rhine! And bully for Love Good Music! Anyway, if you head over there, you can stream the album for free or some such. But you should totally buy it, too.


  1. Louise Orrock says

    Are you on vacation?

  2. Louise Orrock says

    Or are you close by?

    I’m sorry to clutter with what is more likely to be questions for hackers than you.

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