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If Walker Percy Had Kittens

Dots and Spots

“Mom, when I was playing with the kittens, I was thinking that the brain is the engine of their Selfs.”

– Expat Minor, Age 6
Recipient of Kittens


  1. Rufus McCain says:

    But … is that a two-headed cat?

  2. Broderick Barker says:

    Does the fact that cats are soulless factor into this at all?

    • Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says:

      Cats, being animals, do too have (nonrational, feline) souls, silly.

      • Also, mortal. The souls. Of cats, that is. Mortal. Yep. Harry Stottle got the market cornered on that tare conception. No sir, can’t forget that (contra Franciscum).

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