The Walker Percy, Quentin Tarantino Connection

pulp_fiction3500Binx Bolling vs. The Malaise?

“’Breathless’” is not the only remake that Tarantino likes better than the original. He likes L. M. (Kit) Carson and McBride’s screenplay version of ‘The Moviegoer’ better than Walker Percy’s novel, which he found unemotional and dry.”

— from “The Movie Lover,” Larissa MacFarquhar’s New Yorker profile of Tarantino


  1. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

    Despite the thematic appositeness, I’m not surprised The Moviegoer left QT cold. I am curious about that screenplay adaptation, though.

    Now, a Tarantino version of Lancelot might could improve on the book….

    • Matthew Lickona says

      Well, sure. The remarkable thing, to me, is that he had read both The Moviegoer and the obscure, never-produced screenplay adaptation.

      • Matthew Lickona says

        Okay, so yes, QT would need to amend my opening shot. Open on carnage; the Korean War at its bloodiest and loudest, and us in the thick of it. A total nightmare. Somewhere along the way, the panning camera catches a shell bursting right alongside Binx Bolling, and we follow his body as it is hurled through the air and…into the relative cushion of a Chindolea Buah. Binx drops to the ground, unconscious. The camera moves in as the sound of battle fades out, all the way until we’re close on Binx’s unconscious face (Ed Norton?). Then a new sound is heard in the silence: scritch, scritch, scritch. We slowly pan away from Binx to…the dung beetle, working away. Pull back slowly until we can see both beetle and Binx. Binx stirs, lifts his head, stares at the beetle. Begin voiceover…

  2. So, Gere over Belmondo? He’s nuts.

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