Game Over!

Well, it was a good run, but the One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic is all washed up. Belly-up. This goose is cooked, people, so stick a fork in it.

We may now commence with our feast in Hell. Very soon now.

I’ve been reading John Zmirak again, and forget about this century … it’s now two millenia of Western Christendom in need of saving. In fact, if you read between the lines of this latest article, you’d be forgoven for going away with the impression that all humanity is in need of redemption.

Strike those weasel words, “all humanity” … what’s really at stake here is the fate of the entire universe.



  1. Louise Orrock says

    What are the ages of the writers?

  2. Millions of Catholics? Not sure millions of Catholics are even aware there is a synod!

    It was a “halftime” set of notes of no binding importance that some folks decided to make public. Srsly. KASPER isn’t even talking about polygamy (unless I missed something). We got exposed to sausage in mid-goo and some people freaked the hell out. Sorry you got exposed to theological debate, Mr. Zmirak. But there is this thing about truth…it floats to the top. It’s not about your team winning. Please just chillax.

    IC or, today, GC (Grumpy Catholic)

    • This may count as the grumpiest thing I have said as blog mascot. I think I deserve a foil star.

    • First: I’m not a fan of Zmirak’s new tone which I guess really got going around the time of the Illiberal Catholics piece. Freelance clickbait is a terrible way to go.
      Second: All the intelligent discussion I’ve seen on the matter can only lead one to think that Kasper thinks he can do one better than Matthew 19:8. No one has explained what good could have come from the synod if the goal was to surrender to the culture of death on matters of sexuality. It certainly seems to be a good thing that the nefarious “traditional media” publicized the attempted coup in Church teaching.

    • But I don’t understand, if there is a debate of the truth, of course you will want to take a side, won’t you? Unless you believe there’ some sort of Hegelian Worldspirit at work here where thesis-antithesis-synthesis is the Holy Spirit’s regular MO. I’d like to see an example of that from history. So would Kierkegaard…

      On another note, do Catholics really want to claim a man who 1) made racist comments about an entire continent 2) denied he made those comments and 3) put a journalist’s livelihood and reputation in danger by denying it as a good and honorable leader of theological debate over the truth?

      Are we really going to give Kaspar the Friendly Heretic any kind of doubt benefits at this point? Or are we rather going to hang our heads in sorrow and shame that such a man rose to such prominence in the Church?

      I think at some point American Catholics ought probably put their pom poms away and start thinking in terms of “sides.” Otherwise, the progressives, who most certainly do see themselves on a “side” (even as the milquetoasty moderates thought they were “above” those sorts of political power terms back in the Council) will once again carry the day like they did in 1965…

      JOB or, today Michael Davies.

      • I say this all summoning up my best Irish version of a charming Welsh smile and with pint of Boddington’s in hand, of course. (Hee hee!)

  3. Sideboob sidebar says

    Love the sidebar articles next to ol’ man Zmirak there:
    Jennifer Love Hewitt’s cleavage: A History [SLIDESHOW]
    Under-the-table operation: the hottest legs in cable news [SLIDESHOW]
    Emily Ratajkowski: Yes, they’re real [PHOTOS]
    Selena Gomez has a deadly dose of cleavage [PHOTOS]
    Jennifer Lawrence dips low [PHOTOS]
    Peek at the best sideboobs in honor of national sideboob day [SLIDESHOW]

    • Yeah, while I prefer the DC to the WFB after the recent Ted Cruz fiasco they both seem to be trying to outdo the other when it comes to this stuff.

  4. Louise Orrock says

    Is there a population/resource problem?

    One would think there would be, but then if there have been no direct attempts to limit the number of children people have, other than in China, it must be, unless nobody else cares, that it is being done covertly, eg, through calorie restriction, diagnosis of disease, etc.

  5. Louise Orrock says

    And aimed at specific populations.

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