Oath and Abundance

visitationFor Elizabeth, on her birthday

Elisheba, young Aaron’s wife, saw
The scorching sun and torrid sand
On Israel’s treck avow no shadow
Nor soothe the azure sky – such land
Where all the colors drained from Eden
And drowns a rainbow’s hope for heaven…
The voided desert shades refuse,
In justice, spectrum’s seven hues.

Elizabeth, though, aging wife to
Old Zachariah, sits and rests
And waits to see her promised guests
Descend the everlasting hills now
From heaven’s blue – her mantled earth,
An advocate for mercy’s birth.


  1. Beautiful, Papa!
    A lovely birthday gift for such a lovely aunt.

  2. “All the colors drained from Eden.” Got that right.

    But, don’t you see that we are re-building Eden? And the system is almost complete. All they really needed in Bible days were universal health care and Facebook.

    • Ah! And a two-party system which have conspired to kill honor and innocence, and wage endless war and endless social engineering as an efficient means of bilking a people and bankrupting its moral capital.



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