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That Guy, What About Him?

Is he one of us?


  1. So to say Bergdahl had a “re-entry” problem is an understatement…

  2. Jonathan Webb says:

    Way to tie the post into the theme of the blog.

  3. Jonathan Potter says:

    Sorry, but I completely disagree with Whittle here. The trade Obama made was a bargain. I think Bergdahl is one of us, no matter what he did. So is Obama. And so is Bill Whittle.

    Here’s something more to the point:

    As the helicopters approached the location, C. remembers being “pissed at that kid, who was putting everyone at risk, but I also didn’t want his mom to see the YouTube video that Daniel Pearl’s mom had to see.” That gave C. clarity. “I knew that Bergdahl had done something foolish, but I also knew it was better to get ahold of him, rather than have the other side torture and decapitate him.”

    Read more:

  4. The administration wants to empty club Gitmo anyway, so this at least was a passable excuse in their minds I’m sure.

  5. The true culprits in all this may perhaps be the institution that is supposed to keep Rs and Ds BOTH honest.

    Because we all know how well they’ve been doing their job lately on other matters:

    Meanwhile, also – it’s Nixon, no, Obama oy!


  6. Jonathan Webb says:

    I think that Whittle has it right. But, who knows for sure.

    I am outraged by Benghazi, and Iraq. It is 90% on Obama and I am done with him. There is something called honor and Obama and his party have none.

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