Technology is driving us apart…

…and it isn’t just Facebook!

IMG_20140415_143644Better technology means that you can handle heavy hogs without assistance. Who needs neighbors when you can have gadgets? Gone are the pesky days of community gatherings! Hello, private time! Taken from Rolfe Cobleigh’s Handy Farm Devices, published 1909 by Orange Judd Company.


  1. Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez, and any other aliases he might have says

    Now make sure the rope is tight: It’s got to hold the weight of a pig!

  2. You still need help with the rounding up, I imagine; and if the first bullet doesn’t go in the right place, you’re going to need someone to plug your ears against the unholy shrieking as you try to put the second bullet in him and pray to the Gerasine host that it does the trick this time because by God you just don’t want to live through this sort of trauma again and – Oh shit! here come the children! “For Christ’s sake, honey! Get them back in the house!”

    Just sayin…


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