1. nguyen shady says

    How about those Red Wings?


  3. As if Detroit could not have sunk lower….

    • Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

      Oh, so that’s how it’s going to be?

      Domino’s < Pizza Hut < Sbarro < Mazzio's < Round Table < California Pizza Kitchen < Papa John's < CiCi's < Pizza Inn < Little Caesars

      • That’s a solid ranking for sure. LC is by far the best of the cheap pizza joints.

        • Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

          You know it!

          Little Caesars, Pizza Inn, and CiCi’s are pleasurable to eat, almost regardless of context — and Little Caesars most of all. It’s just plain satisfying.

          Papa John’s through Sbarro can all be nice, but only when eaten in good company — and even then, if you revisit the memory, you’ll try to figure out why they didn’t order either local or Little Caesars.

          Pizza Hut and Domino’s must be eaten in either ignorance of other options (i.e., early childhood), and/or a) with your very best friends and b) in great hunger, in order to conjure positive associations; in the case of Pizza Hut, it also helps to wear a BOOK IT! badge.

      • CPK is an expensive sit down restaurant over here… is it faster food on the west coast?

        • Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

          It sounds like the CPK experience is consistent from coast to coast: It’s an expensive sit-down restaurant in California, too.

          My ranking includes all the national and regional pizza chains whose pies I’ve had the (respectively) bad, middling, and good fortune to try — regardless of where they fall on the cheap-to-pricey/fast-food-to-fine-dining graph.

      • I only know of Dominos since it would appear in dorm rooms after all else was closed on nights I stayed with friends on campus. It’s definitely bad – but when we visited MA for the Chesterton conference we stopped at a Papa Johns (had a gift card…) and found it to be practically the same in consistency.
        Once when I was small, many moons ago, I visited a LC. Don’t remember much & I don’t think it’s still there.

        • Wait, did you spend most nights off-campus? And it is categorically impossible for post-curfew Domino’s to be bad, provided you have been drinking before curfew.

          • I “commuted.”
            No doubt that’s how my friends would justify it, but even so… ugh.

          • It is fitting, I suppose. The worst “pizza” substitute to go with the “worst beer currently sold on American soil.”
            Maybe this was something he picked up during his two years playing tennis at a college in West Virginia, but our first Spanish guy had sides of Keystone Light boxes as a wallpaper border where the walls of his room met the ceiling.
            It was fortuitous for him to join us just after the campus ended its “dry” designation for those of age.

  4. Today in TV Junk Food: OitNB S02e11
    prison guards to hunger-striking wannabe occupy social activists led by LCWR nun:
    “little caesars. its the only thing better than getting what you want.”

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