The Mill and the Cross

Gruesome Fleshpicking

I don’t know if anybody out there has Netflix streaming, but they’ve got The Mill and the Cross right now. There’s some brief (non-erotic but fetching) full frontal nudity, some gruesome fleshpicking, and it’s full of the kind of ecumenical lovingkindness that makes JOB break out in hives, but besides that, it’s fantastic Catholic Family Viewing. For the Lentminded, there’s even a depiction of the Passion. There are moments – one in particular – that are almost (almost) enough to make a soul believe that art matters.


  1. Thanks. I was looking forward to that when I first read about it (Thanks to Mr. Burrell) and then I forgot about it.


  2. I’m feeling so much love right now – I just can’t think it’s the Two Gingers talking…


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