Limerick for St. Pat’s

Now Scotch, it tastes too much of peat
And Bourbon, it’s just a hair sweet
But your Saint Paddy’s Day
Won’t gang aft agley
If your whiskey is Irish, served neat


  1. Scotch and Bourbon have each their own glory;
    Irish whiskey is just hunky-dory;
    But if your day’s been taxing,
    I say, for relaxing
    Times, make it — kanpai! — a Suntory.

  2. Jono MacIntyre says

    i gave up booze for lent because truth be told it was easier to renounce than some of my other addi(c)tions but bought 3 bottles of Jameson because it was 9 dollars off at the grocery store on st paddy`s day and to meditate on the holy trinity but my qustion is will there be wacky tobacky on guemes island by the bushel or by the pound?

    • Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

      ‘Wacky tobacky’? Now there’s a colloquialism to which I am not hep.

      ‘Tobacky’ is presumably a demotic corruption of ‘tobacco.’ (If it’s a rare [Hungarian?] surname, I’m at a complete loss.)

      What, then, accounts for the ‘wackiness’ (the zaniness, for lack of a better term) of this particular tobacco variety? Or is ‘wacky tobacky’ not a type of tobacco per se, but rather a blend of tobacco and some other ingredient(s) — ingredients that add the ‘wackiness’ to the ‘tobacky’? If so, what would this ingredient (or these ingredients) be? Menthol? Unlikely: Menthol may be an eccentricity, but its characteristic clean-cool gustatory-tactile effect is hardly ‘wacky’. (Rather the opposite!)

      No, if I had to guess, I’d guess it’s cloves.

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