From Kevin Williamson:

“But Chris Hayes and others of that kidney are so committed to the narrative of helplessness—particularly black helplessness—that they either will not or cannot account for the facts of the case.”

Yep, kidney. From Websters:

3: sort or kind especially with regard to temperament: “a nice helpful guy, of a different kidney entirely from the …” Secret Police, Paula Lecler.


  1. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says
  2. Jonathan Webb says
  3. Ye Ghoſt of ye Author, ye Some-time Convert to, and Infamous Apoſtate from, ye Catholick Religion, Ben Iohnſon says

    Ye Focus-Groups reſponded not vvell to ye originall Title of my Comedie, to-vvit, Euery Man in His Kidney.

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