Clearcut Logging and Its Discontents


  1. No argument here – I’m willing to buy that a combination of government ineptitude and private avarice can perpetrate all sorts of fuck ups on the unsuspecting private citizen.

    Only, the narrator still has to make his case. For, while he shows impressive build up at 8:45 and 10:45, he never explains two things:

    1. Why the oxbow flattened out by the event at 10:45 “flexes” back into the rounder shape it has in 2:45 (and 8:45).

    2. And unless I missed something – which is possible – he also never shows a satellite image of the landslide itself. Why is that? Is one not available? It would have been a good “clincher” to his argument and given us the final dot in the connections.

    At any rate, it is an interesting thesis and, like I said, not at all outside the pale.

    Thanks for sharing – and God help those who suffered most from this unfortunate incident.


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