Football, Seattle

Football, Seattle


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  1. Congrats to Seattle for a victory well-earned!

    As I looked on at the Unmanning taking place, memories of that dismal fiasco known as Superbowl XXXV sputtered to life before my eyes – sprouting like the sparkling floaties one sees after being hit in the head, Pam Oliver-style, with a stray football…

    My final thought on this game: glad as hell it wasn’t my team playing Seattle…

    But with this win and the upcoming Korrektiv Publikation of the Seattle Pushkin Sonnets – clearly this city is going places…


  2. Terry, Timmy, Bobby, Zimmy, R.J., and/or Ray says

    Is there anything more catholic than Catholicism?

  3. UPDATE: If this is true, I won’t deny that Seattle is still a tough team but now we can say they’re tough and smart – which mellows out their toughness a bit.


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