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Actually, it’s more about how to make it as a writer in today’s marketplace.

My advice to others who want to get into the erotic industry is the same as advice for any business: Find something you are passionate about or are at least interested in, then DO YOUR RESEARCH! See if what you want to write is popular, or if perhaps it is underwritten. If your niche is popular, make sure you do everything you can to stand out.

If you find a market that is underwritten (like the dinosaur-erotic market was) or doesn’t exist, populate it. Write a few stories in it and see how they do.

Once you have stood out, keep writing and giving the people what they want. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become a professional writer. You have to keep doing your research, keep yourself writing, make good book covers or hire someone who can (you can find good royalty-free pictures to use for cheap; is a good place and you can hire someone on to make you a cover for $5), and use marketing tactics to advertise your books. You can find out how to publish on Kindle Direct Publishing, Nook Press, Kobo, Apple, and Google Play on YouTube. Just type in “How to publish on X” and you can find videos that teach you how to do it.

But I think the key thing is being willing to work hard and keep at it.



  1. Jonathan Webb says

    Didn’t Rachel make one?

  2. Jonathan Webb says

    Raquel, that is:

  3. “Once you have stood out, keep writing and giving the people what they want.”

    Quo respondit Peter Maurin:

    Prostitution of the Press

    Modern newspapermen
    try to give people
    what they want.
    ought to give people
    what they need.
    To give people
    what they want
    but should not have
    is to pander.
    To give people
    what they need.
    or in other terms,
    to make them want
    what they ought to want,
    is to foster.
    To pander
    to the bad in men
    is to make men
    inhuman to men.
    To foster the good in men
    is to make men
    human to men.

    (I have this hanging on my wall over my desk at my office.)

  4. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

    It appears one may indeed profit by appealing to the reptilian brain.

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