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mel2Paul Elie:

Gregory Wolfe in a memorable (if unappealing) formulation insists that the current generation of Catholic writers is a “whispering generation.” Which leads me to ask: Whispering why?

The answers usually have something to do with the state of the church or the state of the culture or some such.  But my approach to the issue begins with the conviction that literature is made by individual writers, not by the surrounding culture or the spirit of the age – by individual writers who for whatever reasons are (the religious word is undiminished here) inspired to make written works in some ways rather than others.

I wonder if the “whispering generation” is really a cowering generation – writers who are timid when they ought to be bold.

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    Well played, sir!

  3. WHAT UP KORREKTIV!!! Long time no see! I was just visiting to see if anyone had written about Hacksaw Ridge yet, and by anyone I mean someone. I really do mean someone, specifically, but I won’t name names. xoxox

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