The day Peter became a rock star

pius xii bathroom pic

Something to offend everyone:

“From the time that the Church decided to embrace the world, she started to speak to the world in what she thought was the proper way. In the 1950s it was middle-class and the Right. Today it is middle-class and the Left, but in either case with an air of radical chic.”




  1. Clever, JOB. We all know that the story you WANTED to link to was the one about Burke getting the boot from the Bishop council. But you knew that a direct link would be too on-the-nose, too “See? See?” So you link to this, and let us notice the story in the upper left hand corner…

    • Yes, that, and I was also hoping everyone would see the McLuhan reference – and well, I just can’t get enough of Guareschi!

      Also, the IFF reference, of course.


  2. I had to look up Guareschi at the beginning- forgot he wrote Don Camillo! Those books were lots of fun. Discovered them during my sophomore year Italian 101 course!
    Thanks for posting JOB!

  3. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

    We’re all stars now —

  4. Started with Clement of Alexandria. Nothing new here folks, move along.

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