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Mark Steyn on The Age of Madness

“… the latter culture would be too boring for any self-respecting individual to want to live in, even more bloody boring than the current TV landscape where, aside from occasional eruptions of unerotic twerking by sexless skanks, every other show seems to involve snippy little Pajama Boys sitting around snarking at each other in the antiseptic eunuch pose that now passes for “ironic.” It’s “irony” as the last circle of Dante’s cultural drain; it’s why every show advertised as “edgy” and “transgressive” offers the same pitiful combination of attitude and impotence as a spayed cat humping.  ‘


  1. notrelatedtoted says:

    All of this leaves me constantly wondering, “Am I just getting old and out-of touch? Like my parents? Or has the world truly lost its ******* mind?”

  2. Jonathan Webb says:

    No, it has truly lost its ******* mind.

  3. Jonathan Webb says:

    I don’t know when we became such a tribe of cowards, maybe social media is to blame. Who knows.

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