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The Catholic Beat reviews Surfing with Mel!


  1. Congratulations! Surfing got me through a rough patch last year.

  2. “gradually his many bizarre, anti-semitic, and tortured outbursts begin to sound uncomfortably like the truth.”

    This seems like grounds for your own crucifixion by the secular world. Just know you always have a place at the farm…

    hee hee


  3. Ironic Catholic says:

    Whoa–didn’t expect to see my pen name of sorts there. Despite that inclusion, it’s a great review. The last quoted paragraph is important but (unintentionally) hysterical–“The Maccabees didn’t die to workshop (sic) God”

    NO ONE dies to workshop anything. I’m-a not dyin’ for any %^&(%^&%(^( committee work!

  4. Jonathan Webb says:

    It had the F-word in it.

    Good review, thanks.

  5. Jonathan Webb says:

    Look for the upcoming tome from Korrektiv press, “F-words”.

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