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The Secret Lives of the Vatican’s Gay Cardinals, Monks, and Other Clergy Members


  1. Does someone want to make the case for celibacy in the priesthood? Vocations in the US are pathetically low and then there’s this. Whatever remnants of moral authority the church had in the US is pretty much gone. Sigh, thanks Matthew, I guess…

    • Matthew Lickona says

      Hi Todd. “This” is pretty slippery going as any kind of guiding path, I think. What I meant by “the opposite of naming names” is that this piece is shockingly low on evidence and testimony, given the grandiosity of its claims.

      And while I know the Register tends to go hard to the good news, isn’t there some evidence of a vocations upswing in the US?

  2. Hi Matthew,

    Your point is well taken regarding the accusations; they are just accusations and it’s unfair of me to assume they are true.

    Vocations, to Job’s point, are doing well in traditional dioceses. Bishop Bruskewitz is referenced in the article you linked to. Ironically, I live 50 miles from his former diocese, where vocations are booming. In my diocese, that is not the case as parishes are consolidating due to significant shortage of priests. This is just my impression but it seems that from a national perspective vocations are depressed. I have zero data to back that assumption up but what the hell, I make stuff up all the time.

    I appreciate your comments,


    • Matthew Lickona says

      I hear you, Todd. My home parish in upstate NY is combining parishes as well, and importing priests from overseas. Things are certainly bad, but maybe may be getting a little better is all, Joseph’s kinky Traddys excepted.

  3. I forgot to mention that the FSSP seminary can be found in the Lincoln, NE diocese. I’ve been told that the FSSP seminary is filled to capacity So vocations are really booming in Lincoln.

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