Driving home from the screening of The Counselor last night (ooofgoseeit), I found myself driving through a trail of pages. Not a cloud as in the clip above – just one, two, maybe five at a time, strung out over the course of a couple of miles of interstate. I thought about pulling onto the shoulder and picking one up, just to see. The thought made my heart break a little, and I kept driving.

Let’s get some good work done for Gerasene ’14.


  1. Sidney J. Mussburger says

    The Bumstead contract!

  2. Thanks Matthew. Going to see it tonight. I mean, Cormac McCarthy! A kind of anti-Percy, I’ve sometimes wondered.

    I’ll look for any pages that might appear in the whirlwind.

  3. Quin Finnegan says

    “oofgoseeit” says it all. I’m not suggesting people shouldn’t go ahead and read the review, but … oof.

  4. Quin Finnegan says

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