Well, that settles it.

Just bought two plane tickets to New Orleans. Guess I better get started on this here paper I’m supposed to present. Right after I go see Neko Case at the House of Blues tonight. I’ll raise a glass for you, Jobe.


  1. Envy. ENVY!!!! I’m dying of envy. I so wish I was presenting a paper.

    Hee hee…NOT!

    Tell me how the show is. I still haven’t heard the new album yet!

  2. Thanks! Liking the new songs. Liking that someone else still needs to write their paper even more.

  3. And raise two for JOB!

    My wife is jealous that I spend more time with Neko than I do with her…

    Of course I also spend more time with my wife than I do Herman Melville – so that’s something, isn’t it?


  4. Boy, would I like to go to this.


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