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A young Catholic grows old

A young Catholic grows old


  1. They always want me to send Starbucks. So far I have resisted the urge.


  2. This is 40: I just lost a month’s worth of work on Gaga Confidential. Screen froze. Forced shutdown. Restarted. Only then did I learn that Word 2011 sometimes has a glitchy autosave feature. Happy etc. But thanks for noticing.

  3. You’ve been beefing about turning 40 for ages, and you haven’t done it yet? More procrastination.

  4. Jonathan Webb says

    I have something from the QVC channel coming your way.

  5. The Duffer says

    For you, I’d almost purchase the gift card. Happy birthday. Would rather buy a drink in person.

  6. I believe we’d all be willing to pitch in for a computer trip to the Geek Squad (or comparable PC repair in your area). I’m really sorry and happy birthday….

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