… the medium gets the content it deserves …


  1. A couple of points, did you notice when he said that he needed to sneak off and have a pee. That would never happen on TV today because even non-TV people have the mass consciousness that it is bad television. Thus proving his point 40 years later.

    Also, when he said that TV is process oriented. It is interesting how everything associated with the left is process oriented. As a government employee, I can testify that process means more in that world than results. In fact, if you push results too much you will really piss people off. Television is a medium dominated by progressives and they will not let go of the their dominance of TV news after years of ratings declines. The process, the control, is the key thing. I heard a description of Hillary Clinton to the effecct that she wanted the meeting to never stop. That just about sums up the left. They don’t mind if you make a buck, the bastards just want you to kiss the rings on their mediocre hands.

    Radio, which is dominated by the right, is so ruthlessly attached to results, namely ratings, that they won’t even let the talent say goodbye. One Friday it’s sportstalk, the following Monday it’s classic rock.

    What a mind that man had. Great post.

  2. Jonathan Potter says

    Great comments, Big Jon. Thanks.

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