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“Play Me” – the first single from the musical collective Good Country People.

Vocals: Mary Ann Carr

Backup vocals: Betty Duffy

Music: Bill Wilson

Words: Matthew Lickona

Good Country People - Play Me

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  1. Jonathan Potter says

    Don’t hide your light under a bushel, this is stunning ….

    Play Me

    Wasn’t looking for anything but whiskey
    When I took my seat at the bar
    Just a slow Monday fade
    A drink that someone else made
    For a change.

    “If I died, ain’t nobody who would miss me,”
    Sang a boy with a Gibson guitar.
    From his place on the stage
    Read my heart like a page
    Kinda strange.

    And then he started in playing a love song

    And he made it sing like an angel
    And he made it sigh just like a child
    And he made it howl
    Like a wolf on the prowl
    Right before it goes wild

    Was a sound that could heal any heartbreak
    Or set any prisoner free
    I thought, “If you can get that
    From an old beat up Gibson
    Play me.”

    Then a burn came on warmer than the whiskey
    As his fingers slid over the strings
    And I felt something inside
    That I thought had died
    Start to hum.

    Ain’t no love worth having that ain’t risky
    And a singer might not mean what he sings
    But my heart couldn’t wait
    To be under the weight
    Of his thumb.

    So when he finished up playing that love song

    I said, “You make it sing like an angel
    And you make it sigh just like a child
    And you make it howl
    Like a wolf on the prowl
    Right before it goes wild

    It’s a sound that could heal any heartbreak
    Or set any prisoner free.”
    I said, “If you can get that
    From an old beat-up Gibson
    Play me.”

    Now it’s fifteen years since that whiskey
    And it’s been three kids since that night
    And there’s too many days
    That the old Gibson stays
    In its case.

    But there’s a riff in the way that he’ll kiss me
    And there’s a chord when he turns out the light
    Swears he still hears the sound
    Every time he looks ‘round
    For my face.

    And then he tells me our life is a love song

    And he makes me sing like an angel
    And he makes me sigh just like a child
    And he makes me howl
    Like a wolf on the prowl
    Right before it goes wild

    He’s the one who could heal all my heartbreak
    And whenever he holds me I’m free…
    I say, “If you can get that
    From an old beat-up Gibson
    Play me.”

    Vocals: Mary Ann Carr
    Music: Bill Wilson
    Additional Vocals: Elizabeth Duffy
    Words: Matthew Lickona
    Copyright 2013 Good Country People Music

    Recorded early 2013 at Spring Valley Studios, Spring Valley, CA

  2. Jonathan Potter says

    Mary Carr meet Mary Karr.

  3. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

    ‘Play’ is my new favorite euphemism.

  4. The little clip from Amazon sounded very enticing as do the lyrics there. I’m going to wait for the entire album before I buy the song. I may go for the whole thing. When does the album come out? And if you make a Youtube video, I’ll post it on my blog. Is the title “Good Country People” taken from Flannary O’Connor’s short story?

    • Matthew Lickona says

      We’re just poor busy folk – there is enough material for an album, but pulling together the time and talent to lay down the tracks is going to take a long, long time, I fear. Hope to have a YouTube video up asap. And yeah, that’s the source for the name of the group.

      • That’s spam with malware connected to it. You better get rid of it.


      • OK. Then I’ll just buy the single for now. I’ll come back and let you know what I think after I hear the whole song.

        • After hearing the song through twice, I went and poured myself a whiskey to sip as I heard it a third time. Final verdict: Outstanding! Mary Ann Carr’s vocals are incredible. If she goes from chant to opera to that country twang, she’s got some vocal capability. Kudos to all of you. The song is now on my ipod. 🙂

          • Good Country People says

            Good heavens – that’s about the finest thing anyone could have said. Thank you, and so glad you enjoyed. Yeah, I was really lucky to get Mary Ann to come on board. Thanks again.

  5. Do you know Manny? Anyway when I clicked on his name, Chrome said it had malware attached.


    • Jonathan Potter says

      It looks okay to me. Manny’s name just links to his blog on blogspot.

      • Okay. Sorry. I was just going by what Chrome told me. Google couldn’t err could it! My, my.

        I looked at the website on my Kindle, and it looked more than okay.


  6. Wow! I love this! Is there really going to be a whole album? Let me know when everything comes together.=)

  7. Lovely song.

    Did Mr. Wilson both write the music and play it?

    • Thank you! Yes, Mr. Wilson wrote all the music. The song melody was a collaboration, and he took it from there.

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