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I’m not sure about McLu’s connecting Mary with Wisdom here (“playing before God in the beginning” — Prov 8?). But good stuff re. “faith comes from hearing” and his own conversion. “You have to knock pretty hard.”


  1. McLuhan seems fairly optimistic about there being so much “information available, instantly and totally, at all times” (as he says).

    Do y’all think the seventies were a more optimistic time?

    • Jonathan Potter says

      I don’t think so. I recall it being a big bummer of a decade and even at my young age (I was born in 1965) I was quite aware of everyone experiencing it as a bummer in real time.

      McLuhan sees the downside, too, but, yes, overall he is pretty upbeat about the possibilities of new technologies. He sees more clearly than most that the era of the printed word (after Gutenberg) had narrowing effect on how the person experienced reality. Sensory experience was thrown out of balance by the visual homogeneity of printed text. So McLuhan sees humanity on the cusp of a hopeful corrective (and a new set of problems arising, too, certainly) with the advent of electronic technologies.

  2. Good description of the contrast between faith and the world’s point of view. Nice post.

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