Up from comments: anticipating the Pope’s words…


Because that’s what we do here at Korrektiv.

Yesterday, in response to Mr. Lickona’s post, there was a comment quoting at length from the Catholic Encyclopedia entry on Pope Gregory VII. In that entry, the following account of the Church’s decadence is included: The tenth century, the saddest, perhaps, in Christian annals, is characterized by the vivid remark of Baronius that Christ was as if asleep in the vessel of the Church.

Now, lo and behold, today the Pope picks up on what obviously became an outrageously viral meme started right here at Korrektiv:


  1. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

    I hope he’ll finally have time to post some Komments.

  2. He’d at least apprekiate the hermeneutiks of kontinuity we praktice around here…


  3. Jonathan Potter says

    I just glanced at that Telegraph article and, eerily, there were 666 comments. That number sums up my general impression of newspaper website comboxes.

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