The Colbert Corrective

Bad Catholic posted this to his Facebook page. My favorite comment on the post comes from Joe Gehret, who muses … “That awkward moment when a satirist in full character puts the theological smackdown on a heretic…”

P.S. BC says he’s working on an abstract to submit to the Walker Percy people. Who else is in?


  1. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

    I shall pray for him.

  2. You misspelled Kolbert…


  3. notrelatedtoted says

    I want to like Colbert, I do. But I find it hard to see where the smackdown was administered. Sure, he says what he needs to say, but anything truthful he says seems diluted by the underlying blow-hard caraciture. Maybe that’s the problem with satire in general – the truth has to struggle against the humor. I think it’s a balancing act that is probably extraordinarily difficult to pull off.

    To get back to the video – I feel like Colbert mainly succeeded in giving this guy a bunch of publicity he doesn’t deserve.

    • Jonathan Potter says

      Yeah, it’s a balancing act. What’s amazing is that Colbert succeeds in satirizing the desire for the kind of smackdown you’d like to see while at the same time satirizing Wills and administering said smackdown. There’s plenty of satire to go around, and absurdity to be teased out. That’s the beauty of it. Pulling the two New Testament verses out in rapid-fire fashion was one moment; but the clincher comes at the end: “So where are you going next? The Barnes and Noble in Hell?”

  4. Wills a theologian! Who knew?

    For those who read “Papal Sin,” this attempted helmet-to-helmet shot to the priesthood should be no surprise.


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