Is NOTHING sacred…?

anne upped

Apparently not.


  1. Very sexy. Makes you wonder what could be done with other classics.

    Seriously, it’s God’s people vs the culture and the culture is winning.

  2. Sexy, nothing. Where’s the red hair?

  3. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

    In the days when music was more commonly bought and sold on ‘compact discs’ than traded on Napster, one sometimes saw the album art for classical music follow the tactic (or is it the strategy?) seen here applied to classic literature. One recalls, with especial particularity, a certain Sarah Brightman CD cover. Such memories, percolating through one’s imagination over the course of years, may perhaps go some way (along with the character’s indomitable will and courage, evident zest for life, etc.) toward accounting for one’s affection (indeed, one’s downright preference), as a reader of Dr Percy’s Love in the Ruins, for Lola, the comely, Brahms-hissing cellist.

  4. Ignorance and vice all mixed up in one package!

    Next up: the hot sexy version of Little Women. Beth dies of syphilis.

  5. This book is for young girls.

    • Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

      Avonlea is kids’ stuff.

      One does wonder whether a new cover design might benefit the next printing of Alphonse.

      Probably Surfing with Mel sold an extra copy or ten because its (virtual) cover sported a matinee idol’s People-magazine-certified visage.

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