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From the JOB Archives: Limerick


There once was a man from Wisconsin
Who walked from Madison to Dublin
Always so irrigated
And never too irritated
That the pubs all closed before eleven.


  1. “Irritated”,”eleven”.

    You must be one of the younger fellas.

  2. Quin Finnegan says

    Not irritated because he was already so irrigated? What time do the pubs close in Madison? Is there a Limerick, Wisconsin? How much further would the young fella have to walk?

    So many questions.

    • The assumption is Madison, Wis. to Dublin, Ire.

      To walk all that way only to find they don’t stay open past 11 (that may not be true, but I read it somewhere).

      Hey, it’s Lim, not a sonnet, OK. Pick any joke apart and it stops being funny…


      • And the ship would have an excellent duty-free store where he could get a good price on a fifth of Jamesons.

        • But that wouldn’t leave the guy nearly as irrigated – although maybe more irritated – as he would had he engaged the barnacles on the ship’s hull, and told them about the omphalos of all creation – the “drain pipe” out the back side of the Guinness brewery where the Little People claim that Plato, Buddha and Mohammad first got their game on, smoking some fine Nat Shermans they lit with a Bic lighter that Manes gave to them – while Jesus sat off to the side, working the cap off another Nat, some Powers in his one hand, a box of wooden matches in the other, shaking his head, the true light…



  3. I know plenty of Minnesotans who walk (or drive) to Wisconsin to buy their booze on Sunday….but I’m too tired to limerick it.

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