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A Scene from Surfing with Mel

I got to messing around on the Internet last night. Warning: F-bombs and such …


  1. Matthew Lickona says:

    You are a prince, sir. Where the hell did I ever get the idea that Maccabees was the last book of the Old Testament? Oh, well. This is still fantastic. Thank you.

  2. Next up: Korrektiv reader’s theatre. It can happen, people.

    So uh, does Joe really look like a Star Wars character?

  3. Southern Expat says:

    Today, sirs, we win the Internet.

  4. Lt. WHARF? Do you mean Worf?

    This is fun, but it don’t hold a patch to JOB’s performance as Mel. Readers’ Theater, indeed!

  5. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says:

    Surfing with Mel, maybe because it’s so good, has been distracting us from the big, gaping hole of a fact at its very core — the glaring deficiency, the stunning omission:

    No one has made a movie about the Maccabees.


    One year till next Hanukkah….

    Rally, Korrektiv? Rally?

  6. Robert Simpson says:


  7. Funniest fucking thing E V E R. Thanks Matthew. I’ve decided you are to direct as well.

  8. Korretiv is wicked Kool

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