The Despondent Rift: The San Andreas Fault in the Modern Polity

Mr. Buchanan, who consistently has criticism enough for both parties, plumbs the depths and spans the width of the fault that now ruptures the country. (Note that both legislating God out of existence and putting common sense up for a national vote are, for vastly different reasons, in the end, two sets in the same game of folly). To paraphrase a recent politico who, I suspect, is probably more at home guffawing with a claque of fellow peckerwoods in a barber shop in downtown Texarkana than on a national stage, puzzled in a small hour and stuck between things, to understand why when he’s with Ohioans he finds himself talking like an Ohioan: it’s the soul, stupid.

Some atheists place a belief in God or Christ as the Son of God on a par with believing in Santa Claus. Others regard religion and especially fundamentalist faith as an often-destructive force because of what they believe it has produced over the centuries — intolerance, inquisitions, massacres, martyrdoms, religious wars.

Among the evils a deep belief in the God of the Torah and New Testament has produced, they argue, is the systematic persecution of homosexuals. Thus, the Democratic platform declares:

“We support marriage equality and support the movement to secure equal treatment under law for same-sex couples,” while the Republican platform calls for a “Constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman.”


  1. You might say that the mask is finally off, but you would be wrong. It isn’t COMPLETELY off yet. The voice vote spectacle was funny and revealing. The mask will be completely removed, however, when they come for your children using the justication that homeschooling, religion or firearms in the home are child abuse . Sin is a fascist and won’t tolerate dissent. You might want to ask why the left opposes true federalism in which they can build a marxist paradise in California on the one hand, and allow Texas more individual freedom on the other. Why progressives will not abide that state of affairs is the $64,000 question. Why Obamacare didn’t simply cover the uninsured and leave everyone else alone is a good followup question. Nevertheless, I will follow the path of love to the very end, by grace of God.

    “Once you vote black you’ll never go back.” God help us all.

    Thanks JOB.


  2. Well, one thing is clear – it’s the end of the world as we know it – or something like that…

    Hee hee.


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