The Prophet Speaks

And genuflecting to the shoreline,
Unsheathing meaning in Lushootseed,
He chiefly paints on water: more than
An ancient oak, his lush shoots seed
The acorn’s fire; his tongue is bladed,
An oar that cuts the sound, though faded:
I give these words to future chiefs,
Who know the dead will speak beliefs
Beyond these flames: once more with water
And mud, with feathered fin again,
With web and spider’s tale, let pen
Produce the vessels, let the potter
Rebuild Seattle’s house of words;
Let beards entangle clever birds.


  1. Matthew Lickona says

    House of Words AND Bird’s Nest in Your Hair!

  2. Churchill says

    Yes, I took quite a few photos yesterday and then after I’d used the film, and I wouldn’t have been able to take it in time anyway, I saw the flock of birds.

  3. Interesting poem and just as true to the words of the actual person as every bullcrap quote I’ve ever heard.

  4. Great stuff, JOB … many thanks!

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