The horror.

Walker Percy, cover your eyebones:


  1. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

    The time is later than his, much too late to edify or do much of anything except plant a foot in the right place as the opportunity presents itself….

  2. Texan Re-Pat says

    Human sacrifice, Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!

  3. Imelda/Sophia, O.P. says

    Somewhere in South Bend,IN, another Arkansan Dominican (who lives most of the time in Tennessee) just gave a little shriek and turned over in her sleep.

  4. Percy might have had a chance to cover his eyes since ET has had the stuff out for 24 years with commemorative bottles since 1999. With his penchant for cheap whiskey (something about prolonging the interval between first sip and eventual end state), he might have even tasted the stuff.

    • Thank you kindly, Colonel. I mean, I still find it horrifying, the way I might find Beef Wellington in a can horrifying, but it’s good to know. Incidentally, Percy liked his whiskey mild (80 proof), but not necessarily cheap. His friend Marcus Smith related this story when I was in New Orleans: ““When I came to Loyola, I had been living in the Middle East for a number of years, and wanted to figure out how I should conduct myself in New Orleans, even though I was only planning to be here a short while before returning to Beirut. One of the first books I read was T. Harry Williams’ book on Huey Long, and on about page 250, he quotes A.J. Liebling to the effect that if you really want to understand the complexity and corruption of politics in New Orleans, you should spend some time in Beirut, Lebanon.
      But the second book I got was Love in the Ruins. I liked it a whole lot; it cheered me up when I got here. And I said, ‘Well, clearly one of the things people do around here is smoke turkeys on Christmas and drink Early Times.” So he smoked turkeys and drank Early Times, because “I liked the book, and it was cheap. And sometime after that, I met Walker and became a sometimes participant at the lunches out at CHECK. One time, I got there a bit early, and Walker hadn’t gotten a drink yet. I said, ‘Walker, can I buy you a drink?’ He said, ‘Sure.’ And I said, ‘Will you join me in an Early Times?’ And he sort of looked at me in a very funny way and said, ‘Wait a minute. You don’t want to drink any of that. That’s terrible whiskey. I’ll take a Jack Daniel’s.’
      I didn’t have an Early Times that day – I gave it up. And the moral there is to be very, very careful. I tell students this: professors make the mistake of reading personalities into novels. You see a fictional character and you say, ‘Ah-ha!’ But over a long period of time, I came to respect the very complicated absence and presence of Walker Percy in his fiction.”

      • I was thinking of his essay on Bourbon in “Signposts…”. He starts off with a recollection of some inexpensive but fertile drain cleaner called “Two Natural” that he hasn’t been able to find since. He might not have liked cheap whiskey, but he did have a penchant for it.

        • Imagining Ms. Molly Gustin refining Percy’s mathematics of alcohol consumption in the same essay mildly amuses me. I wonder what one could show by integrating the area under the curve or with a differential equation?

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