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NPR Gets in on Our Action

With sly humor he shows us our strategies for solidifying and shoring up these tenuous Selves. We can, for example, seek status (my Self is better than yours). We can quiet the self’s discomfort through connoisseurship, associating the Self with what it owns: a Stella McCartney dress, a $2500 fixed-gear bike. These moves are nothing more than attempts to give the Self an illusion of reality. Seeing through it is the real “help” Percy offers.

An Existential Guide For When You’re Really ‘Lost’


  1. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says:

    And although Walker Percy’s skeleton breaks out in hives when he hears us say it, this is Korrektiv Press.

  2. Thanks S.E., great post.

  3. Churchill says:

    If I have to say it again, I post only under one name on this and any other forum. ‘Southern Expat’ is a phrase that makes me cringe when I read it, which I say safe in the knowledge that you all agree.

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