Wiped Out

“… a horrible black smudge, as though a Hand had come down and rubbed the place smooth. I know now what being wiped out means.”

The ruddy Kipling in a boat
Was touring Puget Sound the day
Seattle burned. He wrote a note
About the sight of soot that lay
Across the landscape like a smudge
Some Hand (divine? infernal?) left
Where once a city stood. The grudge
That Being held — to leave bereft
A town, wiped out, crossed out, erased —
Raised questions of the shape of Love;
And yet no souls were lost, the waste
A miracle uncertain of
Interpretation till the light
That failed
became reborn in sight.


  1. Hah! Beat me to it!

    Most excellent!

    So, who’s Ronny Cox and who’s Billy Redden?

    [ ]

    OK, fine, I’ll be Billy Redden…


  2. Who says there’s nothing good on the internet anymore!

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