The Maverick Philosopher on the Fourth Estate

Lickona has several times linked to the Maverick Philosopher, and now that blog is near the top of my list (thanks, Matthew!). Last week I linked to an interview by Nat Hentoff from way back in the 1960s … so it’s only right to note how the Maverick Philosopher now has a great post up on The Blackballing of Nat Hentoff:

Nat Hentoff is a civil libertarian and a liberal in an older and respectable sense of the term. He thinks for himself and follows the arguments and evidence where they lead. So what do contemporary politically correct liberals do? They attack him. His coming out against abortion particularly infuriated them.

The Maverick Philosopher also notes how the fourth estate’s shabby treatment of Hentoff runs parallel with the attempt to rehabilitate Helen Thomas (in Playboy, no less!). Unfortunately, the old hag just can’t cooperate:

PLAYBOY: In the wake of your anti-Israel comments, a blogger from The Atlantic argued there’s really no distinction between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. He wrote, “Thomas was fired for saying that the Jews of Israel should move to Europe, where their relatives had been slaughtered in the most devastating act of genocide in history. She believes that once the Jews are evacuated from their ancestral homeland, the world’s only Jewish country should be replaced by what would be the world’s 23rd Arab country. She believes that Palestinians deserve a country of their own but that the Jews are undeserving of a nation-state in their homeland, which has had a continuous Jewish presence for 3,000 years.…”
THOMAS: [Interrupts] Did a Jew write this?

There’s a blogging trifecta if there ever was one: the Maverick Philsopher, Nat Hentoff, and Playboy.

You can follow Nat Hentoff here.


  1. That two-toned beard/hair combo reminds me of another prolife hero of mine – who happens to moonlight as a world-premier educator with a number of books to his name.


  2. Matthew Lickona says

    Quin: Plus, Jews.
    Playboy: Do you believe, like Walker Percy, that the Jews are a sign?
    Thomas: Was he a Jew?

  3. Wasn’t Hentoff the head honcho at the ACLU for awhile? Those were the days.

    Thanks Quin.

    By the way, HS Thompson once invented the Hubert Humphrey quote, “I was a Jew once myself.”

    • Others have tried to top that one – claiming an all-inclusive knowledge of all things Hebraic.

      Chicago know-it-alls!


  4. I am a friend of the Jew AND the black man!

  5. Abortion is, after all, the ultimate child abuse. It is the ultimate crime against women with regard to sex-selective abortions. Of course it’s the ultimate crime against blacks considering the abortion rate among black women. Margaret Sanger was in favor of aborting black babies especially. I’m not suprised that Hentoff was against it.

    Didn’t The Nation magazine come out against abortion in the late ’70s?

    Those were the days.


  7. Jonathan Potter says

    Thanks Quin. I especially like this.

  8. Potter!

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